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M W Shepherd offer a range of British built toppers, with working widths from 4ft to 10ft. Most models are stocked and keenly priced.
The Belts are readily accessible and quickly adjusated with minimal effort. The use of an idler pulley instead of having to remove shims makes the task simple.

Drive is through a heavy duty bevel gearbox to one rotor, and through a 'C' section V belt to the other rotor. The shear pin arrangement on the P.T.O. shaft protects against excessive overloads. When the machine is offset the P.T.O. shaft runs in line with the tractor.

A flexible three point linkage mounting is incorporated in the system , so that there is low stress on structural members. This linkage, along with the heavey duty chains supporting the rear of the machine, enables the Topper to float over undulating ground, producing a neat, smooth finish.

Offsetting the Teagle Topper may be carried out without the use of tools. Simply by unpinning the headstock and manoeuvring the tractor, the Topper can quickly and easily be moved into the new position where only one tractor wheel runs on the uncut material, flattens the crop in a direction such that the right hand rotor will lift it again for cutting, leaving a smooth finish.

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